Practice too much/too many/some/any

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These exercises are for my 3º ESO students. Do you want to practice and play a game? Click on the picture.

1º ESO Present Simple

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This is a good practice for the third person of singular in Present Simple. You have to write the correct form of the verb in third person as fast as you can. If you don't do it the skater will fall down. Good luck!

Past Continuous

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Time to review the past continuous and the past simple!!! Click and practice

Easy exercises in affirmative

Easy exercises in negative

A bit difficult

Gap filling: Past Simple vs Past Continuous

Results of the song contest

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And the winner is .......

....................YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL

Here you can listen, read and sing if you feel like it!
In a week time we will work this song in class. Thank you for taking part.

Past Simple

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Do you want to practice the past simple? Click on the following links and check how much you know.


Word order with was/were

There was /There were

Review how the past simple is formed in English using the verb work

Affirmative regular verbs in past simple

Pronunciation of verbs ending in -ed

Negative past simple